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button, swing, Ranna , 2000
button - shimmer piece, Ranna , 1997
button - veil (2) (detail), Ranna , 1999
button - gold ei-shodou, Ranna , 1998
button - figurative "Dance", Ranna , 2000
button - wolf dreaming III, Ranna , 1998
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Shimmer Art & Installations

Installation art, metaphysical abstract art, synaesthetic art & music. Mix together optics, Asia, light refraction, color-field painting...

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SHIMMER ART(TM): Ranna's proprietary Shimmer Art™ method initially stemmed from transcultural and synaesthestic impulses that refer to the philosophies, music, and visual arts of India and East Asia.

 Copyright protected image - Journey (phase 1), Ranna , 27"x39"

Click on image for enlargement and similar pieces. From a series of 36 large scale works on paper and on crystal organza. 

Copyright protected  - Veils of Colored Light, Ranna , Installation of 6 pairs of veils, mixed media on crystal organza,156"x120' variable (each pair), 1993-4.
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Journey, Phase I (1), RANNA ®, mixed media on crysal organza, 27"x39", 1997.
Veils of Colored Light, RANNA ®, Installation of 6 pairs of veils, mixed media on crystal organza,156"x120' variable (each pair), 1993-4. NFS.
Most Elevators Stop Here, RANNA ®, mixed media on crysal organza, 78"x39", 1997.


Each mark, each shape, and each color signifies an element of a variety of Indian mystical descriptions - a type of coded, abstract, visual narrative. The brushwork is derived from Japanese sumi-e techniques. The work is also synaesthetic in engaging the senses of sight and hearing. When exhibited, the first major body of works in this method was accompanied by music composed and played by the artist on a variety of Asian instruments, including koto, shamisen, and kucheng. The colors seen by viewers are the result of optical mixtures of color on the surfaces of her work, much as images on your computer monitor are composed of tiny dots of basic colors. Prismatic light emanates from refractive and reflective media that the artist uses in her shimmer art method. Ranna® has doubtless also been influenced by the bright, radiant light of Queensland and Australia, light which rises in as sinuous heat shimmer off the landscape's surface during summer.

These elements also informed Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan's doctoral work (PhD Creative Arts).


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catalog cover, Ranna , 2000, copyright

Catalogue, Washington D.C. 2000

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