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button, swing, Ranna , 2000
button - shimmer piece, Ranna , 1997
button - veil (2) (detail), Ranna , 1999
button - gold ei-shodou, Ranna , 1998
button - figurative "Dance", Ranna , 2000
button - wolf dreaming III, Ranna , 1998
button, mythological figure, Ranna , 1984
button - empress, Ranna , 2000
button - hidden banner, Ranna , 2000
button - catalog cover, Ranna , 2000


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Limited edition commemorative catalog.

COMEMORATING RANNA'S APRIL 2000 WASHINGTON D.C. EXHIBIT, the catalog provides a memento of art by Ranna - art which has been exhibited in the US, Australia or Europe.

catalog cover-large view, ranna/ . © all rights reserved.

(ILLUSTRATED: Veil IV, RANNA ®, mixed media on cotton, 60'X103", 1999.)


THE CATALOG IS A 12 PAGE DOCUMENT SIGNED BY THE ARTIST (signed as "Ranna"). IT FEATURES NINE (9) FULL COLOR PLATES OF HER WORK, A SHORT BIOGRAPHY WITH A PHOTOGRAPH OF THE ARTIST, AND A CRITIC'S ESSAY BY A WRITER FOR ARTnews. The catalog is 8"x10" on heavy archival card stock, with a varnished finish on all pages.

USD$12.00 per copy. Postage and handling is additional.
Order by -email or phone.


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button - review quote from kennelly, 2000.


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