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Based in the USA since 1998, Australian born contemporary artist RANNA® has exhibited in American, Australian, and European galleries and museums, including at premiere venues like the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia; Amerika Haus in Munich, Germany; and the Australian Embassy Gallery in Washington D.C.

Receiving serious positive attention from reviewers, Lachlan has produced a prodigious and significant body of work (1). During her almost 40 years of art making, Ranna® has been one-pointed about her life's work. Her work has developed in a sumptuous but logical progression since the early 1970s when she completed her first stint of training at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia.

photo of artist- Ranna , © 2000 by Shayne Lachlan


Since those early days she has produced several major bodies of work, always pushing into new territory - technically, conceptually, and visually. Fueling her work, she has lived and worked in her native Australia, various parts of Asia including Thailand, India and Japan, and in the United States. While living in Japan she trained in koto, shamisen, shodo, and sumi-e.

Ranna® - Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (PhD), also has two graduate qualifications from James Cook University, Australia, one in material anthropology and the other a studio-based PhD (2) in the creative arts, for which she produced an innovative synthesis of Asian concepts, synaesthesia, ethnomusicology, anthropology and the visual arts.

A significant achievement for a woman artist, Ranna's was the first studio-based PhD in Australia - James Cook University has made claim to having led Australia in introducing studio-based PhD degrees to arts training in Australia (see their web site) and Ranna's was the first submitted, leading the art field in Queensland and Australia

Lachlan currently maintains a studio in the fabled northern Shenandoah Valley of the United States, about 1.5 hours from downtown Washington D.C., and one in New South Wales, Australia.

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Catalogue 2000

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Ranna  - Tai Chi pic

Ranna doing Tai Chi on the Kalalau trail, Kauai Island, Hawaii (2005). Link goes to new window.

Photo of Ranna  doing yoga for her TV series.

Ranna during filming of her yoga TV series (2007 & 8). Link goes to new window.

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(1) Thompson, F. 1998. Director's foreword in catalog to Walking into Light, Perc Tucker Gallery, Australia)
(2) Lachlan, R-L. 1995. Transcultural Synaesthesia: Visual and Musical Experiment Across Cultural and Sensory Planes, PhD Thesis - 2 vols, James Cook University, Townsville. (Includes video and catalog of Homages to Chimerae, the doctoral exhibition of visual and musical works.)
(3) ARTnews writer: Kennelly, E. 2000. Island, Continent,
exhibition catalog, Axel-A Gallery, Washington D.C.


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