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button, swing, Ranna , 2000
button - shimmer piece, ranna 1997, copyright
button - veil (2) (detail), ranna 1999, copyright
button - gold ei-shodou, ranna 1998, copyright
button - figurative "Dance", ranna, 2000, copyright
button - wolf dreaming III, ranna 1998, copyright
button, mythological figure, ranna, 1984, copyright
button - empress, ranna 2000, copyright
button - hidden banner, ranna 2000, copyright
button - catalog cover, ranna 2000, copyright

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C/- Ranna Arts Incorporated (LLC)
PO Box 971, Stephens City,
VA 22655.



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PO Box 98, Lawson, NSW 2783.

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Company: Work by Ranna® exhibited at any location is provided by Ranna® Arts Incorporated (LLC), a limited liability company registered in Delaware USA and Virginia USA.

Trademark: The term "Ranna®" is an incontestable international trademark registered with the United States Patents and Trademarks Office in several art categories. (All rights reserved.) The trademark ShimmerArt is also a trademark of the artist Ranna-Lesley Lachlan.

Copyright over the artworks and all related material rests with the artist, Ranna® (Ranna-Lesley Lachlan). Artworks are reproduced on this site with the permission of the artist. Images of the artworks may not be saved, copied, printed, reproduced or used in any way in any medium without the prior hard-copy, signed, and dated written permission of the artist. Moral rights over the artist's work are also asserted here. Email authorizations will not be issued.

All rights reserved. Infringement of copyright, and/or moral rights, and/or trademarks may result in legal proceedings.

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