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button - veil (2) (detail), Ranna , 1999
button - gold ei-shodou, Ranna , 1998
button - figurative "Dance", Ranna , 2000
button - wolf dreaming III, Ranna , 1998
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Contemporary Townsville Artist, Ranna®, goes International

WAM Web Design: May 2011 - former Townsville artist, Ranna®, has been invited to exhibit her art work at the Florence Biennale Art Exhibition, selected due to cross-cultural and scientific pulses in her art. Previously part of the Townsville visual arts scene for over 25 years, contemporary artist, Ranna® has already proved that artists from Townsville can succeed in the international contemporary art world with art exhibitions in the USA, Europe, Japan, as well as Queensland-wide and in Townsville.

After establishing a second art studio in the USA in 1998, Ranna® also maintained her Townsville art studio for many years, from which she shipped art work south and overseas. She now maintains a contemporary art studio in the USA and another art studio in the Blue Mountains, Australia, near her son and his family.

Photo of exhibition in Townsville by Ranna®.

Illustrated - some of Ranna's art work created in Townsville and exhibited in a mid-career survey art exhibition at Perc Tucker Regional Art Gallery, Townsville (1997).

Selected Townsville exhibitions:

1998 Pinnacles Art Gallery, Townsville.
1998 Perc Tucker Regional Art Gallery, Townsville.
1997 Perc Tucker Regional Art Gallery, Townsville.
1995 James Cook University Theatre Space, Townsville. (Video documentary also available.)
1987 Flinders Street Art Studio, Townsville.
1986 Perc Tucker Art Gallery, Townsville.
1985 Perc Tucker Art Gallery, Townsville.
1984 Perc Tucker Art Gallery, Townsville.
1983 Perc Tucker Art Gallery, Townsville.
1980 Tonnoir's Art Gallery, Townsville

Current work:

Also dedicated to the movement arts, Ranna® has hosted a successful TV yoga series (USA).

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Art work by contemporary Townsville artist, Ranna®, "explores the profound while serving as a portal to beauty" (ARTnews writer, 2000).* Bio.

Photo of Townsville artist, Ranna . 2005.

The Townsville years: From 1978 to 1998, contemporary Townsville NQ artist, Ranna Lachlan (formerly Ranna Hale), exhibited at art galleries in Townsville, Brisbane, Cairns, and Tokyo. While in Townsville, she was the first Townsville (and Australian) artist to submit a studio-based+dissertation PhD in the visual arts and creative arts.

International: Since establishing her second art studio in the Washington D.C. area, Ranna® has presented art exhibitions in Brisbane, Europe, and various USA art galleries. In 2003 she formed Ranna Arts Incorporated (LLC) and in 2005 successfully filed the international trademark "Ranna®" with the U.S.P.T.O. for her art work.

Townsville artist, Ranna®, at her Australian Embassy show. © 2004.

In Washington DC at the Embassy of Australia's art gallery: Townsville artist, Ranna® with her art work.


“Green Highlight in the Grand Manner”, © 1980 by Townsville artist, Ranna®.

“Carriage Grave Burial”,  by Townsville artist Ranna®, © 1983/4.

“Laid Out in State”,  © 1983, by Townsville artist, Ranna ®.

“Through the Doorway” by  Townsville artist, Ranna®, © 1984.

Townsville artists: Ranna®. Examples of her contemporary art work from her Townsville years.

MORE art by Ranna® in Townsville - HYPATIA


catalog cover, Ranna ®, © 2000.

Art catalogue, Washington D.C.


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