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This site features Ranna's Shimmer Art™ and
earlier work from the 1970s - 2000.

Shimmer ArtTM is the luminous, synaesthetic contemporary art method developed by Australian-American contemporary artist, Ranna®.


"Veil (II)" by Ranna®. © 1999


Ranna-Lesley Lachlan's Shimmer Art™ method brings together science, industrial materials, visual and auditory perception, and artistic techniques in a synaesthetic blend in 2D works. Having explored the use of metallics since 1983 (which influenced many artists in her then local NQ arts community), Ranna was searching for more. The enticement of more light-riven, shimmering possibilities hovered in her mind's eye. She "saw" them in her inner vision. All that was missing was the means in the exterior, physical world to create what she could "see". She set about researching and experimenting with a variety of industrial materials, married these with unusual supports, transcultural influences, and optical colour mixtures. Ranna's Shimmer Art™ was born in 1991 and has infused her artistic vision ever since.

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Using her proprietary signature method, Ranna-Lesley Lachlan's work is ethereal, shimmering in response to light. Ranna's Shimmer Art™ combines her understanding of the physics of light with her use of industrial materials to produce radiant works that respond to light, each one varying dramatically depending on angle of view. Ranna has melded this development with her synthesis of abstract, figurative, and experimental art. Her work is rich with Asian influences, refracted and reflected light, and synaesthesia.


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